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My name is Lionel and I'm a guitarist and a composer. I also work as an orchestrator

& arranger for among others Holland Symphonia (The Dutch Opera & Ballet

orchestra) and the NBE (The Dutch Wind Ensemble) – the most popular ensemble

in the country, and I write and produce music for film, television and other

productions. Within this frame my abilities as a guitarist never seize to play a central



Besides having studied Jazz guitar I also acquired Master in Classical Composition.

My guitar teacher was the very gifted Eef Albers and I learned my orchestration and

composition skills with Jazz pianist and contemporary composer Henk Alkema

(former pianist and chief arranger at the Metropole Orchestra). I have been teaching

guitar since 1995, and musical education is something that I am still very passionate



 Most of my students focus on Pop & Rock but I am always glad to help out those who want to delve into Jazz. I’m very happy to offer an as broad possible a view on music with my knowledge of Classical music. One of the main points I like to help with is the attention to developing

a musical ear and a musical intuition. This is the only way that music theory can make sense.


 After offering a thorough introduction to the basics, you can choose your own direction by composing a combination from the following fields: Strumming technique, Solo technique (Blues and / or Jazz), and music theory. The theory discussed is always focused on the pragmatics of performing. Besides a musical ear and technique I believe that the best thing I can offer you are practicing methods.


 The lessons are intended for people aged 14 and older and are given individually.

You can approach me through my email:  lziblat[at]gmail[dot]com or directly: 06-4821 8853.

I’ll be happy to meet you and help you discover the musician in you!

Access: The studio is located in the River between RAI Station and Amstel station, not far from Amsterdam Oud Zuid / De Pijp and Rijnstraat

and Buitenveldert. The address is reachable from the center of Amsterdam and from Amsterdam Central Station with tram 4.

The buses 65 and 62 to drive through here almost on the doorstep.

Guitar lessons in Amsterdam with Modest Midget front man Lionel "Lonny" Ziblat
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